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Serendib Tea

Serendib Tea is single origin tea directly from Sri Lankan estates. We only use straight line tea from highland estates to guarantee exquisite flavour, quality, freshness and full bodied which is by Pure Ceylon Tea. These are totally natural products according to, ingredients of ayurvedic herbals and pure ceylon tea.                                       

The taste and uplift the effect by right combination of 22 Ayurvedic herbals with pure Ceylon tea. Now the taste is almost like a natural cup of tea and effectiveness has increased due to natural ingredeints and it is directly absorbed into blood stimulating insuline production naturally. Ingredient called catechins which are synergestic with vitamins E and C, Protective against digestive and respiratory infections and can reduce the cancer-promoting actions of carcinogens and ultraviolet light. New Research has confirmed that Black Tea not only help to reduce blood sugar but also high blood pressure.

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  • Slim Tea US $8.75
  • Diabi Tea US $ 10.00
  • Gold Tea6.25
  • Green Gold7.25
  • Spicy Tea7.25


Serendib Tea

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